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F Cover - Uganda, the beauty & some beasts

Andy’s first book; Uganda - The Beauty and Some Beasts was self-published in 2010. A photographic exploration of the country’s rich fauna, as well as aspects of the cultural variety one might experience whilst on a Ugandan safari. Bound in hardback, the coffee table book presents 165 pages of full colour images of Ugandan people, animals, birds and reptiles as well as a few of the major landscape attractions, perfectly capturing the essence of this magnificent central African country.


Uganda the Beauty and Some Beasts 2010  

isbn 978-0-9563150-0-7 self-published

Andy’s second book, East African Birds, published in 2012, presents 180 pages of full colour images of a variety of the more common – and some special – bird species that can be viewed during an East African safari. Shot in various locations across Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Andy has managed to succinctly summarise some of the roughly 1200 species of birds that can be found throughout the subregion. This volume allows us a window into the birds that can be found, but also their lifestyles, habitats and interactions. It is an excellent addition to any natural history library.


East African Birds 2012    

isbn 978-9970-637-18-8 Fountain Publishers

F Cover - East African Birds

Andy’s third book, Mountain Gorillas was also published in 2012, deals solely with one of his favourite subjects; the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda. He made several visits into the mountain habitat of the gorillas, spending time with 4 gorilla family units. The carefully selected 42 full colour images, on 94 pages in softcover, transport the reader into the mountain jungles and show us a glimpse of the lifestyle of these majestic and highly endangered animals. Andy says “When you look into their eyes, you can see that here is sentient being, it thinks, it feels, it expresses, in so many ways similar to the way we do”. Each image has an accompanying fact about the gorillas, presented in 7 languages, a perfect memoir for any person lucky enough to share the experience, no matter where they call home.


Mountain Gorillas 2012  

isbn 978-9970-637-19-5 Fountain Publishers

F Cover - Mountain Gorillas Square