Andrew “Andy” Gooch is a wildlife photographer, publisher and businessman, born in Norfolk, England on 17 August.


Andy’s interest in photography began at the age of ten, when he was given his first camera, a box Brownie, manufactured by Eastman Kodak. Feeling that he could take better images with a higher-end camera, he saved up enough money on his local paper route and bought his first Single-Lens Reflex camera, a Cosina CT1. The photography bug stayed with him through his teenage years, where he largely taught himself photography, later building his own dark-room at home to develop his own film.


Early adult life and a frenetic job in the world of sales and marketing in fast-paced London left Andy with little time to take pictures, and even less exposure to wildlife, leading to several years when he hardly touched a camera. His love for photography and wildlife was rekindled when he moved to Uganda in 2002.  Within two years he took up a new post which happened to fall within the Kabowe Wildlife Reserve on the Ugandan shore of Lake Albert. A part of his job entailed a fair amount of travel by road within this reserve, Andy realised he had ample opportunity to capture much of the wildlife on film. At that point he invested in a decent digital camera, a Pentax, which he kept on the passenger seat, and stopped whenever he saw something worth shooting through the lens.


Being perfectly situated within a short flight’s distance from many of Africa’s renowned wildlife areas, Andy made a number of trips to neighbouring countries to expand his portfolio, including Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda.


Andy published his first book in 2010, followed by another two books in 2012, whilst researching material for two further planned volumes. Andy’s initial intention behind publishing the first book was to “Reflect the beauty of Uganda as a country with breath-taking scenery, always-smiling people and abundant biodiversity wherever you look. The variety of habitats results in an even higher variety of plants, birds and animals of every sort, and I wanted my book to portray this as accurately as possible. It is a very special place”.


Andy returned to England in 2012, but continued to research his next project, an authoritative volume on the primates of Africa, one of his personal interests. For this he has travelled to a number of countries over the past several years, from Gambia, Sierra Leone and Zanzibar in 2016, Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania, Malawi and Ghana in 2017, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2018, ending the year with a trip to Borneo to photograph Orangutans in the wild. He has upcoming trips planned to Madagascar , Gabon, DR Congo, Nigeria and Cameroon to photograph the last species required for the book.


Andy has travelled to 6 continents, photographing on all of them, the last remaining continent on which to photograph, being Antarctica. He currently spends his life working to pay for his next research excursion into the wilds. He can frequently be found enjoying walks on the north Norfolk coast, or having a quiet beer with his friends.

Andy Gooch Uganda